Registration for the 2023 - 2024 school year will begin January 3rd, 2023. Parents who are interested in enrolling their children at Holy Comforter Preschool will be offered a tour of the school by our school director, Linda Meyers. Tours are scheduled through the preschool office (703-938-3704). The tour is offered to both parents and children to visit the classrooms, the school facility, as well as meet with the director. Each family will be offered a registration packet during the tour. Registration Packets will be available in the director's office (or online; see below for links) and are due Wednesday, February 1st, 2023 by 3:00 pm. Parents will be notified to confirm your child's placement by the end of February. Registration throughout the year can occur whenever an opening is available. Please contact Linda Meyers at 703-938-3704 or 

Under the Registration Priority System, the following categories (in descending order of priority) will apply:

a. Parishioner and returning student
b. Non-parishioner and returning student
c. Parishioner and sibling of current student
d. Non-parishioner and sibling of current student
e. Parishioner and new student
f. Non-parishioner and sibling of a former student
g. Non-parishioner and new student




1.   All of our registration forms are available online. Please print out and fill in all the appropriate forms from the links below (please make sure you include the Programs Offered page). There are also registration packets available in the office if you are not able to print out the forms below.
2. The programs offered form will allow parents to indicate a program preference in terms of the number of days appropriate for their child's age. Birthday cut-off ages will remain unchanged. Those selecting parishioner status must include the parishioner form signed by the church office. An $80 registration check must be included ($150 for two or more children).
3. Registration materials, whether mailed or hand-delivered are due in the Director's office no later than 3:00 pm on Wednesday, February 1st, 2023. All related registration materials can be delivered or mailed to the Director anytime on or after January 3rd.
4. All applicants who have submitted registration forms to the Director's office by the 2/1/23 (3:00pm) deadline will be included in a "lottery". A lottery will be conducted within each of categories A-G. All envelopes classified as Category A will randomly be put in a pile. The Director will open each envelope and place the student in a program indicated on the registration form. Once the Category A envelopes are all opened and registered, the category B envelopes will be randomly put in a pile and each envelope will be opened and the student registered. This will continue for each category until all the program slots in the school are filled.